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In the year 1999 the Engineering Office for Ergonomics ibe was founded.
Dr.-Ing. Stephan Riedel
Ergonomics, seat comfort, workplace design, human vibrations
The engineering office ibe works on projects in the field of ergonomic product design and human-machine interfaces (operating elements/controls and grip design). The main emphasis of the activities is the analysis and optimisation of the ergonomic quality of manually operated machines and work equipment. The customers comprise companies such as Gardena, Hilti, Metabo, Stihl, Erwin Halder and Sanofi-Aventis among others.

On behalf of companies and social courts ibe furnishes expert opinions in the field of work place design as well as in the area of environmental stress (noise and human vibrations).

In addition to the dynamic seat comfort (determination of the vibration comfort and the vibration-perception thresholds) ibe deals with the static seat comfort (initial seating comfort, long-term comfort, climate comfort), too.

From 2000 to 2003 Dr.-Ing. Stephan Riedel managed the research project F 1765 "Round-Robin Test with Models of the Human Body" of the Federal Institute for Occupational Health and Safety BAuA (published under Fb 1029). Apart from planning the project course, he also carried out the coordination and evaluation of the project.

From November 2005 to the end of 2007, Stephan Riedel is in charge of the research project F 2118 "Determination of the Influence of Age-Dependent Changes in the Operator on the Design Requirements for Safe Manually Operated Machines" of the BAuA.